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Aultman Therapy Services offers fitness programming to help you meet personal fitness goals. Recent Aultman Therapy patients, Aultman Weight Management members and PrimeTime Health Plan members are eligible to join our Limited Fitness Program. Fitness memberships include access to fitness centers at Aultman North, Aultman West and Aultman Tusc. Aultman Carrollton’s Fitness Center is open to the public, and individuals of all fitness levels are welcome. At all facilities, you will enjoy friendly, noncompetitive atmospheres with up-to-date equipment.

Our facilities participate in the PrimeTime Health Plan Fitness Partners Program, which allows members of PTHP to receive a rebate on fitness memberships.  Click here to download the membership form. 

Available Services                                                                                                               

Independent Fitness
This program includes an initial facility orientation and program setup. Some basic group exercise classes may be included in the membership and vary by facility. Cost: $30 per month or $300 per year. Call Aultman Carrollton for pricing information.

Assisted Fitness 
This program is appropriate for people who request or require staff assistance throughout their fitness programs. This program may be administered in small groups as determined by fitness staff. Cost: $50 per month or $500 per year for two sessions a week. $75 a month or $750 per year for three weekly sessions. 

Fitness Assessment 
This one-time service includes an assessment of body composition, cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility – along with recommendations for an appropriate exercise program to improve general fitness. 
Cost: $25 

Performance Enhancement – Individual 
This program offers sports-specific fitness coaching by a certified athletic trainer or personal trainer. Athletes from both organized and recreational sports can improve their skills, agility, strength and speed by enrolling in this program. Sessions must be completed in a six-month period. Students from local school systems contracted with Aultman Sports Medicine for athletic training coverage receive a $5 discount per session. Cost: 8 sessions for $280; 12 sessions for $420; 18 sessions for $630. Group pricing is also available for teams – ask a fitness services staff member 

Performance Enhancement Blast 
This sports-specific fitness coaching programs includes four weekly , 30-minute individual sessions with a certified athletic trainer plus a one-month independent fitness membership. Cost: $100 per month 

Personal Training 
Available at Aultman West
This program offers one-to-one fitness coaching by a certified personal trainer or athletic trainer. The program is for those who desire guidance with their personal fitness program design and progression. The sessions must be paid for upon scheduling and are nonrefundable. Fitness members, Aultman employees and members of affiliated Aultman programs are eligible. If you have eligibility questions, please contact the Aultman West Fitness staff at 330-834-4101. Cost: $45 per session or 5-session package for $200. Group Sessions - are available for groups of two.

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