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The Aultman Breast Care Center is an innovative 10,000-foot complex that provides screening and diagnostic imaging services and multidisciplinary team of specialists from radiology, pathology, surgery, medical and radiation oncology, genetics, psychosocial services and physical therapy. A breast care coordinator is on staff to assist with case management, and the center provides a full-time radiologist dedicated to breast imaging.

Aultman's Breast Care Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology. The designation signifies Aultman has the medical personnel, facilities training and equipment to meet or exceed nationally accepted standards in patient care, quality and safety. Our center is the only Stark County hospital to have earned the American College of Radiology's "Center of Excellence" designation. This demonstrates accreditation in the categories of mammography, breast ultrasound, as well as stereotactic and ultrasound guided breast core biopsies.

Among the many technologies the Aultman Breast Care Center offers are:

  • Screening and diagnostic digital mammography
  • Breast MRI
  • Stereotactic/core needle biopsy, which avoids any open surgical procedure for the diagnosis of a breast abnormality
  • Galactography
  • Preoperative mammography
  • Ultrasound wire localization
  • Lymphatic mapping for sentinel node biopsy
Understanding the physical and emotional issues associated with breast cancer screening and treatment, the staff at the Breast Care Center provides patient support and educational materials. Nutrition counseling, physical therapy and lymphedema therapy are also available.

The Aultman Cancer Center cares for more than half of the breast cancer cases in Stark County. Through the new Breast Care Center as well as a variety of outreach activities, the Aultman Cancer Center is positioning itself as a community leader in the fight against breast cancer.

Mammography Statement

Read the consensus statement from Aultman Health Foundation, AultCare and the Aultman Breast Care Center regarding breast care mammography screenings.



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